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Why MiTec makes IT Work by David Seed, SAP Services Manager (Contract and Permanent)

When I first started at IT Works MiTec, I didn’t know an awful lot about them. They did recruitment within the IT sectors and something to do with “ERP” (or errrrr-p). Almost 2 years later and how things have changed.

I started working solely within the SAP Business One market, engaging with the UK’s top SAP Business One Consultancies such as DCS Solutions, Signum Solutions, Vission33 and Yuma. A market that is highly saturated with recruitment companies from London who are targeted by numbers, not service.
I moulded to IT Works MiTec’s consultative and personal approach to niche markets, (a true aid within any market) mentored by Chris Bill, Tom Barnes and Holly Synclair – MD. I soon found how caring/understanding about a candidates’ needs and showing genuine interest in clients’ IT project and requirements was a method of successfully helping.

I later moved onto working in tandem with the big brother (and slightly overwhelming) market of SAP Business One - SAP. A highly saturated, corporate market, riddled by HR process and ‘Preferred Supplier Lists’.

“How do I differentiate myself against these huge companies and mass competitors”, I thought.
I went back to my roots and kept it simple.

Why – would the client want to work with me instead of a competitor.
Why – would the candidate trust me against other (cowboy) recruiters in the market.

What – does my candidate / client want in a service.

How – do I deliver that service.

The answer to all the above is through quality, honesty and integrity.
Doing what we say and saying what we do.

Recruitment is about people and business working relationships.
Consultancy is about people and business working relationships.

I stuck to this ethos with the SAP market and I’ve achieved mirrored, if not exceeded success compared to SAP Business One, in helping my clients and candidates

At IT Works MiTec we help deliver IT projects internationally.
We find out the root of your requirements / needs and go about the best way to find this. We don’t bombard you with waffle and irrelevance, but do the job properly.
We pride ourselves on being experts in our market, knowing which candidates are available and who would be a best suit for our clients/candidates.

Posted: 27 Sep 2016

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