Permanent Expertise

Enhancing knowledge in-house is crucial in order to keep your ERP system running efficiently.  If you are looking to supplement your team with permanent professionals at any stage, we can provide you with system experts that will add real value to your organisation long term.

In summary we provide :-

  • Detailed understanding of customer business requirements before making a decision on a solution.
  • Thoroughly referenced: Unless the end user prefers to do this direct, part of our best practice.
  • Competency: We ensure our professionals meet the specification in terms of technical / functional capability.
  • Personality: We understand the importance of a a good ‘culture fit’ for your organisation.
  • IT Works MiTec screening process: Project Overview, Professional Work History, Personal Motivations.
  • Reputation: Customer testimonials and 100% in situ rate.
  • Aftercare: Our responsibility is to look after both the professional and our customer after placement/support and ensure a smooth transition.


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