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IT Works have an online timesheet portal for easy access and completion by you and your client which will be set up when your assignment commences. You can read instructions about how to use this system below


If you need to call in sick then please contact your IT Works consultant before 9am that morning and then again for every subsequent morning until your return to work. They will be able to let the client know and manage the communication and return to work properly. 

Booking a Holiday

If you wish to book a holiday then contact your IT Works consultant who will be able to check with the client how practical your leave request is for their business needs and if necessary arrange for any extra cover that might be required


Whilst on an IT Works assignment you represent yourself and IT Works. You are also representing your client and you should underpin their values and dress appropriately. Most IT departments have a standard dress code so make sure to ask. Perhaps on your first day, wear a suit, as first impressions count- not only with your client but also with the entire workforce. If issues arise then speak with your IT Works consultant.

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